Thank God 

Thankful for roof over our head

Thankful for the food on our table

Thankful for the clothes on our back

Thankful for the water

Thankful for the protection

Thankful for the peace

Thankful for the Love

Thankful for the mercy

Thankful for the grace

Thankful for the gifts and talents

Thankful for the forgiveness

Thankful for the job

Thankful for the guidance

Thankful for our family

Thankful for the vehicles

Most of all I’m thankful for your Son Jesus Christ! 


Trust the Lord

I don’t put my trust in Washington,  I don’t put my trust in United Nations,  I don’t put my trust in money, I don’t put my trust in myself. I put my Trust in the Lord Jesus Christ when all the rest of it fails and shatters. He will be there!!!

Overcome Obstacles

Overcome Obstacles

It’s not for you to let the failures, rejection, lost job,  door closed on relationships, friendship that has left you keep you down in the put or depression . It’s for you to learn from that situation and by the grace of God move forward. Always remember you are fearfully and wonderfully made, God never made a mistake in your outer beauty, your uniqueness,  your eyes, your skin, your hair.  Love who you are and if you having obstacles and fears of what others said about you, speak God’s word over your life  daily, apply it and believe what He said about you. And if it’s not positive impact on your life Let it Go, FORGIVE and Keep Pushing forward. There’s No obstacles that God can’t bring You through,  it takes time, time takes patients,  as you go through the process embrace who You Are! All things are Possible through Christ Jesus who strength us

Been Different 

When I was younger I try to fit in but as I got older I realized that I am different but at first I was hard on myself because I didn’t like what others like, smoking weed, turn up drunk or just settling for government assistance it wasn’t in me. I try to figure what was wrong with me or was it me?

Most percentage of people liked to settle for a 9 to 5 job and retire from that job. But to look at my step dad working for 32 yrs and retired and still struggle,  look at my father work his butt off and dedicated to his job but never really enjoying the fruit of his labor because his usually tired as soon as he sit down he falls asleep.  And too look at some people  settle for government assistance not doing nothing but sitting on the porch,  working a job sometimes and sometimes they just quit bc they don’t won’t there rent to go up and stay on food stamps. 

But God has putting certain kids in different area to be a light for Him, not saying that others don’t have the light they just settle and not strive,  don’t strive for more, get caught up with fast life or stunning like they have it but really don’t have it.

Been Different is okay. Embrace your difference,  Learn who you are as individual, keep strive and asked the Lord to guide your steps,  ask for discernment because everyone is not meant to stay in your circle, strive after peace because if it’s to much drama it ain’t for You!  When you are different it stands out and people are watching you,  don’t worry about what other say about you or there opinions over your life if it doesn’t benefit who you are, serve other people but Dont let your heart get hurt by getting used,  know your limits of volunteer. Just Be who God created you to be and Nobody Else. 

It’s not easy been different But nothing in life is easy. Don’t fit in But Stand out. 

What If!

What If we as woman’s can come together 

What If we as woman’s can overcome obstacles 

What If we can work together as unity

What If we can support, help, care for each other 

What If we can win together

What If we can believe in the Possible  (God)

What If we can defeat the enemy and fear

What If we can learn from each other

What If we pray together,  uplift each other

What If we can pray for our man’s,  our husband

What If we can pray together for our kids, family and friends 

What If we can All get along 

What If we do it Anyways!


Forgiveness is deeper than our attitudes, Our anger, Our frustration,  our non chalant. You saw the post of natural dad and spiritual dad. 

Did you know God has send my natural dad to my house to help me, Did you know I wasn’t happy at all, I was upset, I wouldn’t talk to my dad for yrs or call him for anything,  But thank God for His mercy and His grace.  My natural dad had a uhaul outside of my condo and said I know you don’t won’t me here but I came to help you out, you move in with me and you don’t have to pay me anything, God will work it All out.

I wasn’t happy but within me I was thankful because I was at the bottom of the pit, no job, no assistance,  no help. So we moved in with my natural dad.  Did you know that we forgave each other with tears in both of our eyes, Did you know God uplift that weight up off me, that bondage I was in and how Almighty God change me, my relationship with my dad. 

Forgiveness is the key to our hearts, we might not like the process, we might don’t understand now, we might have our pride in the way But God  can help us break every chain, every bondage and restore everything the enemy try to take from us. Forgive anyone who hurt you, who offend you and let go and Let God take care of the rest because it’s more beneficial for us than the other person.  I’m so happy that Jesus said forgive 70 times seven (Matt 18:22

Natural Dad/Spiritual Dad

Oh natural dad you gather me as your oldest child with so much Love, Attention in my childhood,  Oh how I couldn’t wait till you came home at the front door waiting on my natural dad, you’ll take me to the store,  put me on your back, take me to the park and I’ll watch you play basketball,  Oh how I loved my natural dad

But at 7 yrs old you left me , But my heart is ache,  But my heart was in pain, Oh natural dad how could you leave me, Oh natural dad how could forsake me? Your child yearns for you, Your child has an attitude, Your child feels hopeless,  Your child feel not worthy, Oh my natural dad do you know I don’t smile anymore,  I don’t enjoy life as a kid, I don’t speak up, I hold every feelings in, Oh natural dad I’m a teenager now, I heard you married now, I heard you have a daughter. Oh natural dad do you know the mess I’m in, do you know that I look up to a man (boyfriend)  to replace you my natural dad,  do you know His not nice, His low self-esteem,  did you know His control,  disrespectful and sometimes he hits me, Oh natural dad how I needed you, Oh natural dad all the bad choices I’ve made.  Too long I’ve been holding it in, Too long I’ve been rejected,  Too long I haven’t saw you,  did you know I have a step dad and his good to our family and make sure our family is okay and treat mom good, but natural dad did you know my heart won’t let me get close to him, Oh natural dad a change is Coming! 

But God 

Oh spiritual dad how I need you,  I’ve lost it all, my ex husband forsake me, I don’t have any money to pay bills, I’ve try to own my own business but it fell, Oh spiritual Abba I’m crushed, I’m hurt, no one to call, no one to help me but You. Please help me I’m on the bathroom floor and the enemy trying to tell me take my life, I’m not worthy,  I’m not nothing.  My child I’ll never leave you nor forsake you Get Up! Oh my, Oh my, you are real,  I heard your voice I couldn’t see you but I heard your voice,  His real,  Jesus is alive. I’m getting up off the floor I’m wiping my tears, I feel my energy.  My God is with me, He will never leave me nor forsake me. God’s got me, oh what’s going to happen now. I’ve slept for a couple days and pray for help. Trying to be strong with the Lord’s help as I raise my daughter.

There’s a knock at the door, I wonder who is it, I wonder who could it, be.. looking through the peephole oh man why is He here God, I didn’t call him,  how did he know where I live, I’m so upset and angry with him. God! As I open the door my natural dad is here….