Forgiveness is deeper than our attitudes, Our anger, Our frustration,  our non chalant. You saw the post of natural dad and spiritual dad. 

Did you know God has send my natural dad to my house to help me, Did you know I wasn’t happy at all, I was upset, I wouldn’t talk to my dad for yrs or call him for anything,  But thank God for His mercy and His grace.  My natural dad had a uhaul outside of my condo and said I know you don’t won’t me here but I came to help you out, you move in with me and you don’t have to pay me anything, God will work it All out.

I wasn’t happy but within me I was thankful because I was at the bottom of the pit, no job, no assistance,  no help. So we moved in with my natural dad.  Did you know that we forgave each other with tears in both of our eyes, Did you know God uplift that weight up off me, that bondage I was in and how Almighty God change me, my relationship with my dad. 

Forgiveness is the key to our hearts, we might not like the process, we might don’t understand now, we might have our pride in the way But God  can help us break every chain, every bondage and restore everything the enemy try to take from us. Forgive anyone who hurt you, who offend you and let go and Let God take care of the rest because it’s more beneficial for us than the other person.  I’m so happy that Jesus said forgive 70 times seven (Matt 18:22


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